Wayne Lee

. Wayne Lee knows that for many of us, our minds are littered with detours, potholes and accidents waiting to happen. Fear, self-doubt, inhibitions of all kinds, beliefs reside in our subconscious and prevent us from reaching our conscious goals. But if you Set your GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) For Success, you can achieve anything while taking the ride of your life.
If there’s one thing peak performance experts like Wayne Lee agree on, it’s that the mind is capable of leading us anywhere.
Wayne ‘s own journey to excellence was fuelled with an unrelenting passion for entertaining and empowering people. From a childhood fascination with magic and visualization, Wayne’s gift for seeing and acting on what’s possible has grown to international proportions. He is one of North America’s premier corporate presenters, a veteran of thousands of successful shows, a published author, and a peak performance coach to professionals of all walks of life.
Wayne practises what he preaches. Wayne is a former five-time Canadian Amateur Wrestling Champion, who also served as a beloved classroom instructor before taking the stage in the corporate world. More recently, he was named “Entertainer of the Year” for the Canadian Events Industry.
Wayne Lee is an unrelenting advocate for individuals and teams looking to turn potential into performance. Through humour and hypnosis, he helps people drop their defences and access their GPS. Once in there, Wayne shows how what you put in–beliefs, attitudes, goals and vision—can act as coordinates that absolutely determine whether or not you reach your destination. Get it wrong and you’re stuck in traffic. Get it right and you’ll get to your goal faster and more directly than you ever thought possible.
Many people find it difficult to make the connection between the inner goings on of the mind and outward action and performance, yet it’s crucial to any success. That’s why Wayne Lee’s work is so special.
Wayne can break down the barriers of even the most cynical and resistant individuals through laughter and hypnosis and in the process show them how to access their own subconscious. Once people realize what’s possible when they Set their GPS for Success , it’s as if they become a new person–the person they were always meant to be. For employers, that means productivity, teamwork, and a great attitude at work. For employees themselves, it’s like being handed the keys to the ride of their lives.
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