Karen Lee

. Karen Lee is an Executive Consultant with Ethos, a firm specializing in organization, team and personal transformation. Karen Lee has a diversified background in hands-on management and leadership development. In her consulting and facilitating work, Karen focuses on performance management for sales and service, behavioral focused interviewing, conflict resolution, stress and time management, and leading-edge leadership issues.
Karen’s extensive experience in following the assignment — from completing a comprehensive needs analysis at the initial project stage, to curriculum identification, to developing workshop content and activities, to facilitation — ensures a one-stop value-added experience for the Client.
Karen has also helped Clients build change management skills, build high-performing teams, become customer-focused sales people, and trained in-house trainers to the ‘master trainer’ level.One of the things that differentiates Karen is her one-on-one coaching abilities.
Coaching helps people develop critical insights, bringing a new sense of purpose to their actions. It helps people see where they are, where they want to be and how to get there. Conducted one-on-one in a completely confidential environment, Karen’s coaching helps people gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, and increase their self-reliance, so they can better leverage their strengths, and help others do the same.
All of Karen’s training initiatives have an optional coaching follow-up to ensure that the skills learned and practiced in the training room are transferred to day-to-day activities.Karen has consulted and facilitated in countries in Asia, Europe, South America and most recently in the Middle East. Karen also works in the United States and Canada. This experience ensures that Karen brings a deep understanding of the diversity she finds with her clients and in the training room.Karen has a Masters in Education from Columbia State University and is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)
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