Guy Cabana

Guy Cabana is a world class conference speaker and facilitator with captivating, entertaining and heart warming messages that help you obtain what you truly deserve in life.“A most intelligent and motivated individual. Very entertaining speaker with a remarkable ability and talent to attract and maintain the attention of his audience.” 
Guy Cabana is an expert international conference speaker and author who delivers his message with enthusiasm and conviction in the fields of negotiations, non verbal communication and motivation. He has written numerous training courses and articles in major magazines on the process of negotiation and non-verbal communications. Mr. Cabana is the author of the best-selling books:
The 10 Secrets of the Highly Effective Negotiator Beware! Your Gestures Will Betray You and Lifting Mountains, the Art of Doing the Impossible
Endowed with a remarkable skill to seize and hold your attention to the very last minute, he connects his theories to practical, concrete and humorous examples that are engaging and encourage immediate applications. He has become a master in the art of communication and getting people to take instantaneous action. His presentations enhance the importance of each participant’s indefinite potential and strengthens their power to reach goals that seem impossible.
Successful business relationships are becoming the Number 1 Challenge in the world today. More than ever, today’s business world demands that you master the art of effective negotiations. Guy Cabana can give you the tools that guarantee a complete understanding of the negotiation process and its mechanism and will show that each result from a negotiation is measurable and success is quantifiable.
During Mr. Cabana’s keynotes, break-out sessions and workshops, you will learn to build bridges and overcome obstacles that stand between your dreams and your new reality. Guy Cabana will assist in building the bridges that will lead you from your daily challenges to complete success. His mission is to help you build prosperity through long-lasting results.
Every one of Guy Cabana’s seminars assures a complete, immediate payback by offering you the necessary tools to help you build your own bridges to win-win relationships, cost savings and self confidence.
For more than 20 years, Mr. Cabana has delivered over 1,000 highly rated and acclaimed conferences. More than 250,000 people can acknowledge his authentic style and his memorable stories. He is the president of DANEC Consultants Inc. a firm specialized in the development of the human capital. Operating in more than five countries as a keynote speaker and as facilitator and coach to many corporations and Universities, he has completed various courses at Concordia University as well as being a graduate of the Chicago Institute of Advanced Learning in leadership and business.
Mr. Cabana conceived the course “Negotiation and International Mandates” for the University of Sherbrooke. He also teaches at the International Center for Research and Studies in Management (CIREM) and at the Haut Etude Commercial (HEC) of Montreal in the Masters Degree Program. He has given over 500 days of seminars to major corporations and the general public on negotiation, communication and motivation.
Guy Cabana is an expert speaker of international reputation. A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the National Speakers Bureau (NSA) of the United States and the International Federation of Professional Speakers (IFFPS), he is a speaker and motivator that you absolutely must meet.
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