To book one of our Speakers’ you can either:
  • Click either click on the Booking Form.
  • Contact our Director of Operations directly by email or telephone to discuss your interest and needs in greater detail.
  • Visit a Speakers Availability & Booking Page to view their up-to-date schedule, and speak directly to their Live On-Line Assistant
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If you would like to book one of our Speakers’. Please click on the link and fill out the Booking Form, and our Director of Operations will contact you to discuss your interest and needs in greater detail.
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Sue Olsen – Director of Operations
Email: Tel: 416 399 9223
Email: Fax: 905 868 4892
Speaker’s Schedule & On-Line Assistant Live!
Some of our Speakers have made their schedule’s available on-line. To see if the Speaker you are interested in is Available for your event, please click on the liniks below.
Kristin Arnold
Joe Sherren’s Schedule & On-Line Live Assistant Kristin Arnold’s Schedule & On-Line Live Assistant